Saturday, July 26, 2014

paris in july 2014

I've nearly let my favourite annual blogging event, 
Paris in July, get away from me. But, just in time...

Two years ago I was in Paris, and I've posted some of the things I saw (best thing EVER: the Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques) and ate and ate and ate for Paris in July 2012. But I think there's always room for a bit more of one's travels, and I've had a look back at other trips -- and what fun to relive Paris all over again. Right, pull up a chair, maybe makes yourself a batch of David Lebovitz's foolproof gougères and enjoy!

Look up!

(above: Les Invalides; below: restaurant in the Musée d'Orsay)

Look down! 

(above/below: the terrifyingly claustrophobic Catacombes de Paris)

Look where you're going!

(above: Sainte-Chapelle; below: Centre Pompidou)

(Aren't French signs the best?)

(above: on the Metro)

Find the perfect funeral monument!

(above/below: Cimetière Montparnasse; sculpture by Niki de Saint Phalle)

Eat only purple food!

(above: no idea!; below: Ladurée's violet religieuse)

Eat only food shaped like animals!

(above: marzipan pigs at Maison Collet in Rue Montogueil; 
below: mice, somewhere in the Marais?)

Eat only desserts with squeezy alcohol!

(above: Fauchon)

Eat only skyscraper French sandwiches!

(above: Ladurée and Angelina; below: the incredibly showy 
Costes restaurant 'Georges' in the Centre Pompidou 
where the Club Sandwich Traditionnel was 20 Euros)

Don't run! 
Don't wake the grass!

(above: Louvre; below: in ever park)

Don't faint at the price of Australian cherries!

(I think this was in Hediard)

Visit a church that appreciates charcuterie!

(Sainte-Eustache near Les Halles)

Spend 3500 Euros on black truffles 
or a nice vase?

(La Maison de la Truffe, near Madeleine; Lalique shop, Rue Royale)

I need to sit down with a cuppa!

(above: Ladurée macarons; Mariage Frères afternoon tea (waiting for the scones; 
below: Angelina's Mont Blanc and hot chocolate)

Would these make my feet float on air...

(Baby Dior!)

...when they feel as though 
they've walked down 
every street in Paris?

Go on, it's Paris -- embrace the clichés!

Thanks to Tamara, Karen, Dolce Bellezza and Adria 
for hosting another entertaining Paris in July!

(Note: I have turned on comments for this post, so I hope they work.)


Louise said...

What a post Vicki! It's perfect. I did laugh out loud at don't wake the grass. I've taken a photo of that rabbit jamming it's hand in the door too(don't let your rabbit jam it's paw?)- French signs are the best. I believe I have eaten that purple religieuse too. And I know I've sat down to the chocolat chaud and a Mont Blanc at Angelina's. But I do think that you can't just look up or look down- you have to look everywhere!

Lisbeth Ekelof said...

Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

Jeanie said...

I'm not sure I could love a post more than this. I love your whimsy, your humour, your joy and all the terrific photos. Some I recognize from my travels -- isn't that Sainte Chapelle sign the best? I took a photo of that, too! Purple food -- a little much -- but it's all so beautiful! Yes, lots of lovelies here! Many smiles!

Kylie said...

Popped back to see if my comment worked and it's not here?!

Kylie said...

Drats! This one did! Where's my other/proper one? I will have to write it again...and it was such a fabulous one, fitting of this rare opportunity to comment here ;)

vicki (skiourophile) said...

I've never had comments enabled on this blog before, so I can see it won't let me thread replies - sorry! It also didn't email me anyone's comments so I thought *no one* loved me. (And I've checked in spam, Kylie, and can't find you. Grrrrr!)

Louise: I agree - it's sensory overload the whole time: up, down, inside, outside, and - most constantly - via my tastebuds!

Lisbeth: thanks for visiting - glad you enjoyed my little journey.

Jeanie: Thank you! I love your eye for Paris details, so this is my little homage to the little things. I think I'm ok with purple food but there's something about blue food that crosses a line.

Kylie: now I'm mentally visualizing your fabulous commentary - was it in signs?! Damn you blogger program. ;-)

Tamara said...

Vicki - awesome collection of photo's, stories and tales... isn't it funny that we've all got one or two of these crazy photos. My partner saw that sign on the grass and challenged me to break the rules... boy did I feel silly and naughty! Thank you for joining in again, and I'm so gald you had fun.

vicki (skiourophile) said...

Thanks Tamara - and thanks again for your hostessing (or maître d'ing?). It's interesting how sometimes the signs never make it into English -- all the signs around places in the UK where you can't stand on the grass (esp. the university colleges) seem always to be in half a dozen languages. I like how at the bottom of the grass sign there's that little sentence handing back responsibility for the quality to grass to you, the user.

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