Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cat stuff

Everyone gives me cat stuff for Xmas, birthdays, etc. 
My dirty little secret is that I don't really want cat 'stuff'
(except, perhaps, a cat gravestone).
I... like... cats.

You can keep the crazy cat lady game;
the cat USB hub;
the cat key;
umbilical cat tattoos.
 I don't even really like books about cats
(for which I blame a tearful session with Jennie).

 I do have a soft spot for vintage Xmas decorations.
And the cat bird house is pretty funny.
And maybe I'll allow cat chicken costumes.

In fact, I'm prepared to make some exceptions for things for cats: 

 Cat tank (via boing boing)

 Fire-engine cat play-house (via foolish gadgets)

The Loyal Luxe Chalet for Cats (via modern cat)

And check out the addictive and annoying Chat Noir game.